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Daily News 2014-04-08

Recent journal articles about meningitis and meningitis vaccines

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg set to block `conscientious objection’ excuse for vaccination refusers

Gardasil: Mother wants answers after daughter's HPV vaccine reaction

EU Approves Two-Dose Gardasil for Early Teens

Parents say no to HPV vaccine

Why vaccines spread disease; an in-depth analysis of flawed vaccination science

Reflections from The Rev: We Are Winning. No, really. - TMR

Healing Autism Movement Touches Chicago, May 21 – 25

Father's Obesity May Be A Risk Factor For Autism, Study Says

Gravity Wins: Journal Entries of Autism & the Heartache of Residential Placement - Age of Autism

Lighthouse Pictures Announces Autism Documentary "Trace Amounts" to Premiere at Newport Beach Film Festival - In the making for over 10 years, the highly anticipated documentary film "Trace Amounts" explores the science and controversy behind the autism epidemic. - Age of Autism

IACC Meeting Today - Age of Autism

Chili’s cancels autism event after vaccine backlash - Fundraiser dropped for group that said autism may be linked to vaccinations.

AVN’s final letter to the HCCC – asking for responses to our submissions

Canadian woman urges parents to vaccinate kids after 5-week-old daughter gets whooping cough - Whooping cough is preventable if parents vaccinate kids

Mother’s online plea for children to get vaccinated goes viral

Mother shares photo of 5 week old in hospital in warning to anti-vaccine parents

Whooping cough boosters lack punch

A Canadian School Is a Model for How America Should Take on the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Honey, I Want the Kids Vaccinated, Australian Father Wins Court Case Against Ex-wife, Gets Right to Immunize the Kids

Vaccination Rates Low For Chicagoland Schoolchildren

Search Immunization Rates In Chicago-Area Schools

Breakenridge: You’d be surprised to know who opposes vaccination

Doctors challenge opt-out laws for childhood vaccines

Folmsbee: Time to end vaccine opt-outs?

Stephenson: You don't have right to imperil all children with vaccine choice

Anti-vaccination movement harmful to society

Editorial: For the good of all, science must triumph over vaccination fears

Calif. Vaccination Rates Receive More Scrutiny Amid Outbreaks

How to Talk to Vaccine-Hesitant Parents

School officials say vaccinations vital to protect children

Vaccinations save lives, period

Psychological harm, anti-vaccination and the Racial Discrimination Act

Vaccines: The End of Illness Table of Contents

Lawrence Steinman’s ‘Reverse Vaccine’ Targets Immune Response in Type 1 Diabetes

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices: Notice of Charter Renewal

WHO delegates meet to share concerns, pledge assistance to immunize Europe

Interventions could lead to increased immunization rates among urban families

Public Health Advocates Try to Reach People Who Refuse to Vaccinate

Actos Verdict: Jury Orders Takeda, Eli Lilly To Pay $9 Billion In Damages

Novartis meningitis B vaccine Bexsero® receives FDA Breakthrough Therapy designation in the US

Rep. Murphy Pressuring FDA To Approve Meningitis B Vaccine

Meningitis Research Foundation Ireland hopeful meningococcal vaccine will be approved

South Yorkshire MP welcomes decision on vaccine for Meningitis B - A South Yorkshire MP has welcomed a Government decision to give all babies a vaccine for Meningitis B.

VRM: Measles Report

Measles in Canada: Why this infectious disease is spreading

Island Health says no new cases of measles reported

Measles warning shows value of immunization

Heath Officials Warn Bay Area Residents To Get The Measles Vaccine Before Traveling Overseas

Public health body lifts cap on shingles vaccine orders

Campaign to eradicate polio in Yemen

Opinion: On the brink of polio eradication

Flu strain deadly in London area

Mystery disease threatens South American tribe

Ebola: no vaccine, no treatment as quack cures circulate West Africa

Containing a terror - Ebola outbreak highlights challenges of vaccine development

Announcing Our New Co-Host Line-up! Louise Kuo Habakus and Kelly Brogan, MD - Fearless Parent Radio

'Mystery illness' kills 2 dogs, sickens others


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The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

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