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Daily News 2014-04-17

Recent journal articles about meningitis and meningitis vaccines

Parents Testify in Colorado Senate Opposing Vaccine Bill

Teeth pulled from immunization bill

Lawrence Solomon: The untold story of measles

Mark Blaxill Didn’t Disclose Pharma Conflict at 2001 IOM Meeting

US Congressman Says CDC Should Be Investigated For Incestuous Ties With Vaccine Makers - The Refusers

ABC News Disposes of the Evidence Quickly in Tragic 2001 Chicken Pox Death Resurrected as Vaccination "Lesson" - Age of Autism

Dr. Poul Thorsen, Principal Investigator on the Danish Autism Studies 3 Years on Most Wanted List - Age of Autism

Dachel Media Update: Autism No Crisis, No Cause, No Chance It's Vaccines. - Age of Autism

Questions about Australian Vaccination Policy and Ethics for the NHMRC - Age of Autism

I Refuse To Be Enlisted Into The "Mommy Wars" - Adventures in Autism

Autism’s April Showers - Thinking Moms' Revolution

Posey Questions CDC on Autism Research

Part 2: Posey Questions CDC on Autism Research

FAQ: How you can still get measles even after being vaccinated

‘Shocking Note’ Apparently Penned by Justina Pelletier to Her Parents

USA Today: Eliminate Personal Belief Vaccine Exemptions

More people living without immunizations because of certain beliefs

Martha’s Vineyard students lag in required vaccinations

Ontario Health Minister slams Jenny McCarthy for ‘outrageously irresponsible’ anti-vaccine campaign

Jenny McCarthy 'irresponsible' for telling parents not to vaccinate: Ontario minister

Vaccine hesitant parents worry public health officials

Dangers of Vaccine Hesitancy Explained in 10 Tweets

Diseases That Can Be Prevented With Vaccines Continue To Spread

Vaccine opt-outs put public health at risk: Other View - Tighten state laws to preserve 'herd immunity'

Health board concerned by vaccination policy changes

Diseases make comeback as immunization backlash takes root

My position on immunization - Dr. Mark Fishaut

Mangano & Eisenstein Promote The Importance Of Immunizations During National Infant Immunization Week April 26- May 3, 2014

San Diego Health Report Card Shows No Improvement In Child Immunization Rate

NIH scientists study affect of influenza immunization on human immune system

Pakistan Army asked to assist government in making polio campaign a success

Germany supports vaccination in EAC

Polio vaccination of nomadic children directed

New Measles Drug Could Close Immunity Gap In Regions Lacking MMR Vaccine Programs

Latest measles cases ‘localized’: official

Siskiyou ranks high in unimmunized students - Measles is making a comeback

Columbus public health officials provide update on mumps outbreak

Practices warned over potential meningitis C vaccine error

How Two Companies Accidentally Committed Anti-Vaccine PR Blunders

Study recalculates costs of combination vaccines

East Africa: Germany Contributes 20 Million Euros to EAC to Support Immunisation Programme in Collaboration With GAVI

Experimental vaccine helps advanced melanoma sufferers

HIV+ women respond well to HPV vaccine

WHO: World Immunization Week 2014 - Know, Check, Protect

Fighting Lyme Disease With a Vaccine — for Mice

Indigenous malaria vaccine shows promise in mice studies

Ebola deaths rise to 135 as vaccine research lags

Malaysia Reports First Asian Death From MERS Virus

Canada’s chicken farmers ban injections that trigger superbugs

Study: Growing Guinea outbreak caused by new Ebola strain